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Uncover the top 10 true crime authors from around the globe.

From the iconic Gregg Olsen to up-and-coming authors like K.L Randis, you’ll be sure to find the perfect true crime author for your book reading list.

Whether you’re a fan of classic works or looking for something new, these true crime authors are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gregg Olsen True Crime Author

1. Gregg Olsen

Gregg Olsen has been writing since he was just 14 years old.

His first novel was published in 1987, and since then he has written over 20 novels and nonfiction books, many of which have been bestsellers.

He is commonly referred to as one of the best true crime writers of this century, with books like “If You Tell” and “Confessions of an American Black Widow.”

He has also written several novels in the horror genre, such as “The Deep Dark” and “Victim Six.”

What sets Gregg Olsen apart from other writers is his ability to tell stories from multiple perspectives.

In many of his books, he interviews the victims’ families and friends.

He also interviews the perpetrators so that readers can get a better understanding of what happened leading up to the events described in his books.

By showing both sides of a story, Gregg is able to humanize even some of history’s worst criminals.

He also gives us insight into their motivations for committing such terrible acts.

If you’re looking for an exciting read that will keep you hooked until its thrilling conclusion, make sure to check out any number of Gregg Olsens works.

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Bryan Stevenson Author

2. Bryan Stevenson

Bryan Stevenson is an award-winning author and social justice activist who has dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of those who are disadvantaged.

His bestselling book Just Mercy, now a major motion picture, explores his work as a lawyer advocating for those on death row.

He has become an inspiration to many, both through his writing and activism.

In 1989, after completing law school, Stevenson founded the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI).

He then dedicated his life to protecting the rights of marginalized individuals through legal representation and education initiatives.

This included litigation against racial bias laws, ending mass incarceration, and reforming sentencing laws across the United States.

In addition to founding EJI, Stevenson has written several books about criminal justice reform that have been met with critical acclaim.

This includes Just Mercy which has sold over 1 million copies worldwide.

For all of his efforts in promoting social justice and equality throughout the United States, he has received numerous awards.

This includes the MacArthur Genius Grant in 1995 and The National Book Award 2019 Nonfiction Finalist Award.

If you haven’t read any of Bryan’s works yet we highly recommend picking up one of his books today!

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K.L Randis Author

3. K.L Randis

Author of the bestselling novel Spilled Milk: Based On A True Story.

K.L Randis writes stories about people who overcome their struggles to find a better life for themselves and those around them.

Her characters are relatable yet inspiring; they work hard to build something better for themselves despite the odds being stacked against them.

She creates realistic situations that draw readers in from the very first page, making it easy to get lost in her stories for hours on end.

K.L Randis’s books offer more than just an enjoyable read; they provide valuable life lessons as well.

Through her inspiring characters and thought-provoking storylines, she encourages readers to take charge of their own lives.

She reminds us all that even during our darkest moments, we can still find the light at the end of the tunnel.

If we stay true to ourselves and never give up on our dreams, nothing is impossible.

If you haven’t checked out any of her books yet, now is the perfect time to give them a try.

You won’t regret it!

Whether you enjoy thrillers or romance novels, K L Randis offers something special that will surely keep you entertained until the very last page.

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David Grann Author

4. David Grann

David Grann was born in 1970 in Connecticut and grew up in a small town outside Hartford.

He developed an early love for reading, devouring books by authors such as J.R.R Tolkien and Arthur Conan Doyle, which inspired him to become a writer.

He attended Yale University where he majored in English before pursuing his master’s degree at Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

Grann worked as a staff writer for major magazines such as the Washington Post Magazine before joining The New Yorker in 2003.

It was during this time that his career really began to take off.

He wrote articles on various topics, but it was his stories about forgotten tragedies were the ones that truly resonated with readers worldwide.

David Grann is a master storyteller whose works transport us back in time to explore some truly remarkable tales from our collective history.

Whether it’s exploring forgotten civilizations or uncovering secrets from our past, every book he writes transports readers on an unforgettable journey.

If you’re looking for your next great read then make sure to check out some (or all) of David Grann’s books.

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Malcolm Gladwell Author

5. Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell began his writing career in 1987 as a freelance journalist for The Washington Post.

Over the years he moved up through the ranks to become a senior staff writer for The New Yorker magazine in 1996.

During his time there he wrote numerous articles that have since become classics such as “The Tipping Point,” “Blink,” “Outliers,” and more.

His works have been published in national magazines and newspapers around the world.

In 2000, Gladwell released his first book The Tipping Point which quickly rose to global recognition.

As a result, he was credited with creating a new area of study called “social epidemiology” by many academics.

From there he went on to release four additional best-selling books.

This included Outliers (2008), What the Dog Saw (2009), David and Goliath (2013), and Talking to Strangers (2019).

In addition to his books, Malcolm also hosts a popular true crime podcast called Revisionist History.

It covers overlooked historical events or people who were either undervalued or mistreated by society.

His powerful ability to portray a story, not just facts, makes him one of the best true crime authors today.

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Michelle McNamara Author

6. Michelle McNamara

True Crime author Michelle McNamara was born in Oak Park, Illinois in 1970.

She attended Notre Dame High School before moving on to earn her degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1992.

Following college, she moved to Los Angeles where she began working as a writer for various magazines.

In 2006 she married comedian Patton Oswalt and together they had a daughter named Alice.

During her career, she developed a passion for investigating unsolved cases which led her to create in 2010.

Her blog focused on cold cases that were no longer being actively investigated by law enforcement.

It also sought to bring renewed attention to them in order to get them solved or provide closure for victims’ families.

In 2016 she published “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” which documented her search for the Golden State Killer.

This man was believed to be responsible for at least twelve murders across California in the 1970s and 1980s.

This book is credited with helping lead police to identify and arrest Joseph James DeAngelo Jr.

He pleaded guilty in June 2020 for his role in these murders and other crimes committed during this time period.

Michelle McNamara passed away suddenly in 2016 at the age of 46 due to an undiagnosed heart condition coupled with prescription medication use.

However, her legacy lives on through her work as well as through those inspired by it.

This includes filmmaker Liz Garbus who directed HBO docu-series “I’ll Be Gone In The Dark” which premiered on June 28th, 2020.

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David Crow Author

7. David Crow

David Crow, the bestselling true crime author of The Pale Faced Lie, has always been fascinated by true crime stories, ever since he was a young boy.

He was especially intrigued by the fact that these cases were rarely as simple or straightforward as they appeared on the surface.

His passion for uncovering the hidden details in complex cases eventually led him to pursue a career as an author writing about true crime.

One thing that distinguishes David from many other authors is his commitment to detail-oriented research.

In addition to being scrupulous about accuracy, David also takes great care when it comes to storytelling.

His books are engaging and easy to read, with vivid descriptions and captivating narrative arcs that draw readers in from start to finish.

Whether you’re a fan of true crime or just looking for an intriguing read, one thing is certain: you’ll fall in love with David’s storytelling style.

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Erik Larson Author

8. Erik Larson

Erik Larson is one of the most acclaimed and influential non-fiction authors in the world.

He has been writing since the mid-1980s and his works have gone on to become international bestsellers.

His books explore a wide range of topics from tales of true crime to gripping history lessons.

What sets Erik Larson apart from other non-fiction authors is his ability to make even the most mundane topics come alive with energy and excitement.

He does this by incorporating elements of suspense and drama into his writing, while also weaving in historical facts.

Larson’s success isn’t just due to his writing style though; it’s also because he chooses interesting topics that capture the public’s attention.

From stories about serial killers to detailed accounts of World War 2 battles.

Larson knows how to choose topics that will draw readers in and keep them glued to the page until the very end.

His books often include vivid descriptions that bring people back in time and allow them to experience things firsthand.

Something many other non-fiction authors struggle to do.

If you’re looking for an exciting read full of adventure then be sure to pick up one of Erik Larson’s bestselling titles today.

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Truman Capote Author

9. Truman Capote

Truman Capote was one of the most influential and acclaimed authors of the 20th century.

He is best known for his classic works “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “In Cold Blood,” which changed the way people think about literature.

Capote wrote stories that were ahead of their time and inspired generations of writers to come.

Truman Capote was born in New Orleans in 1924, but he spent much of his childhood with family members in Alabama.

It was there that he developed his love for reading and writing, an interest that would stick with him for the rest of his life.

After dropping out of high school, Capote moved to New York City where he pursued a career as a writer.

He quickly made a name for himself in literary circles, publishing several short stories and novels before he turned thirty.

Capote’s big break came when his 1958 novella “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” was published.

The story, which follows a young woman named Holly Golightly, became an instant classic and catapulted Capote into the public eye.

He followed up this success with “In Cold Blood,” a 1966 novel based on the real-life murder of four members of the Clutter family in Kansas.

This novel combined elements of journalism, fiction writing, and crime investigation.

Techniques that had never been used before to tell a compelling story about justice and revenge.

Even today, more than fifty years after his death, Truman Capote remains an icon whose influence can still be seen in literature around the world.

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John E. Douglas True Crime Author

10. John E. Douglas

John E. Douglas is responsible for putting some of the most infamous criminals behind bars.

Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and BTK killer Dennis Rader are just a few of the notorious criminals whose capture was aided by Douglas.

But what exactly did he do to help catch these sociopaths?

Well, he helped popularize offender profiling.

John E. Douglas was born in 1945 in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and graduated from Central Catholic High School in 1965.

After graduating with honors from Indiana University, he joined the FBI as an investigator in 1970.

During his time at the bureau, he served as an instructor for the Behavioural Science Unit at Quantico, Virginia where he taught criminal psychology.

It was here that Douglas began developing his techniques for criminal profiling.

This would involve studying evidence to determine a suspect’s age, sex, IQ level, lifestyle habits, and even mental health status.

Further, Douglas is also well-known for his work as an author.

He wrote several books about his experiences as an FBI agent.

This included Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit (1995) and Law & Disorder: Inside the Dark Heart of Murder (1997).

His most recent book is The Killer Across the Table (2019).

It details some of his most famous cases including those involving serial killers Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy.

John E. Douglas is one of America’s most influential authors.

The way he’s able to break down criminal investigation techniques into easily digestible concepts that are both informative and entertaining is fascinating.

Whether you’re a fan of true crime stories or how detectives go about solving complex cases, John E . Douglas’s body of work has something for everyone.

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