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Explore the dark side of Reddit with these popular true crime Reddit communities. From unsolved mysteries, serial killers, and crime scene photo analysis.

Reddit is a must-visit platform for any true crime fan.

There are dozens of true crime-focused communities dedicated to recommending, sharing, and discussing this dark topic in detail.

And the best bit is that they’re free to join and engage with!

Check out the 10 best true crime Reddit communities below.

1. r/UnresolvedMysteries

  • Members: 1.8M
  • Created: 9th April 2013

The r/UnresolvedMysteries community is dedicated to exploring unsolved mysteries that are older than 6 months.

From old-timey disappearances to more recent ones.

This subreddit has something for everyone who is interested in learning more about unsolved mysteries and is one of the best true crime Reddit threads going round.

With over 1 million members, it’s no wonder this community has become one of the most popular destinations on Reddit for true crime fans.

Content featured on r/UnresolvedMysteries is predominantly long-form text posts and most center around strange disappearances and deaths.

The posts are incredibly detailed and contain plenty of background information that allows other members to draw their own conclusions about the events being discussed.

Additionally, members regularly post comments on each other’s threads, resulting in interesting conversations about theories (backed up by evidence) and possible explanations for each situation.

This encourages people to collaborate and solve mysteries together as a community – which makes it extra intriguing!

One of my favorite flairs they’ve recently implemented is “Post of the Month“, in which moderators index posts each month on their Wiki based on upvotes.

Whether you’re a seasoned detective or just someone who enjoys a good mystery, r/UnresolvedMysteries is a great place to explore the unknown.

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True Crime Reddit

2. r/TrueCrime

  • Members: 1.5M
  • Created: 18th October 2010

r/TrueCrime is one of the best Reddit communities dedicated to discussing true crime cases, including solved and unsolved cases.

Members can share articles and other public details related to true crime.

The subreddit also has a strong focus on justice and advocacy.

Many users seek to raise awareness about certain cases or advocate for changes in the criminal justice system.

This particular subreddit has a fair set of rules to ensure that all discussions are appropriate and don’t disclose personal information.

Despite the severe nature of the content, r/TrueCrime has one of the most friendly and active communities I’ve ever seen.

Thousands of users are regularly live throughout the day, with lots of posts, comments, and votes to interact with.

Overall, r/TrueCrime is a place for individuals interested in true crime to come together, discuss cases, share information, and advocate for justice.

If you’re looking for an engaging way to explore the world of true crime with other passionate fans around the globe, then look no further than r/TrueCrime!

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3. r/SerialKillers

  • Members: 595K
  • Created: 13th January 2011

If you’re interested in true crime and dark topics, then you may have heard of the popular subreddit r/SerialKillers.

This community is full of horror and suspenseful stories, as well as interesting discussions about some of the most notorious serial killers in history.

The subreddit is home to thousands of active members that are passionate about true crime and its related topics.

People come here to discuss theories, share stories, post movie recommendations and ask questions about serial killers.

The content ranges from spooky to educational.

You can find everything from chilling tales from people who knew a serial killer personally to detailed posts about unsolved cases or evidence that’s overlooked in major investigations.

What sets this subreddit apart is it features discussions about the psychology, motives, and methods of serial killers, as well as the impact their crimes have had on society.

Some popular topics of discussion include the crimes of Ted Bundy, the Zodiac Killer, and BTK.

Whether you’re a true crime fanatic or simply curious about the minds of some of the world’s most infamous murderers, r/SerialKillers is a fascinating and engaging place to discuss this intriguing subject.

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True Crime Discussion Reddit

4. r/TrueCrimeDiscussion

  • Members: 546K
  • Created: 29th June 2015

r/TrueCrimeDiscussion is the ultimate destination for true crime enthusiasts.

This subreddit is a place to discuss and analyze the facts, theories, and nuances of some of the world’s most notorious crimes.

The community consists of a diverse group of individuals with a range of expertise and perspectives, including lawyers, law enforcement officials, and amateur sleuths.

This adds a unique and well-rounded dynamic to the discussions.

The types of threads you’ll likely encounter include high-profile cases like the Manson Family murders and the JonBenét Ramsey case to lesser known but no less disturbing crimes.

In addition to discussing the details of specific cases, r/TrueCrimeDiscussion also serves as a hub for all things true crime.

You’ll find recommendations for true crime podcasts, books, and documentaries, as well as discussions about the psychology of criminal behavior and the impact of crime on society.

As an added bonus, unlike other subreddits, you can start a thread with a video or podcast link

Whether you’re a seasoned true crime aficionado or just getting into the genre, r/TrueCrimeDiscussion is the perfect place to discuss and learn about the world of true crime.

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True Crime Podcasts Reddit

5. r/TrueCrimePodcasts

  • Members: 528K
  • Created: 10th February 2015

If you’re a fan of true crime podcasts, then you should check out r/TrueCrimePodcasts.

It’s dedicated to helping people find the latest and best true crime podcasts around that meet their criteria.

Whether you’re a fan of long episodes, episodes without banter, or episodes that are funny, this is the perfect place for you.

One of the best things about r/TrueCrimePodcasts is that it’s not just a place where members post recommendations – it’s also great for discussion and debate amongst other podcast fans.

Members often post theories about unsolved cases or discuss what they thought about certain episodes or entire series.

It’s always interesting hearing other members’ perspectives on different cases, stories, and casters.

With its focus on quality content and strict moderation policies, r/TrueCrimePodcasts stands out among other similar communities when it comes to finding new podcasts to listen to.

Whether you’re a diehard fan or just getting into the genre, it’s an excellent place to find great content and engage with like-minded members.

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Unsolved Mysteries Reddit

6. r/UnsolvedMysteries

  • Members: 435K
  • Created: 23rd September 2008

r/UnsolvedMysteries is a subreddit dedicated to discussing the hit true crime TV show that features the same name.

The TV show “Unsolved Mysteries” aired between 1987 and 2010. Netflix later revived the series in 2020 for additional seasons.

From mysterious disappearances to unexplained murders, this subreddit is a place for users to share their theories and insights about each episode.

With 600+ total aired episodes and counting, there’s plenty to talk about.

The community consists of people with a wide range of interests and expertise, and the discussions on r/UnsolvedMysteries can be both enlightening and thought-provoking.

Some popular threads include cut content and evidence sources used on the TV show.

Also, lots of true crime memes.

Whether you’re a fan of the show or just someone who enjoys a good mystery, r/UnsolvedMysteries is a must-visit subreddit.

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Crime Scene Reddit

7. r/CrimeScene

  • Members: 285K
  • Created: 10th August 2016

r/CrimeScene is a subreddit dedicated to true crime photos and analysis.

The community consists of individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and interests.

This includes law enforcement professionals, forensic scientists, and amateur crime scene enthusiasts.

Members regularly share their knowledge, insights, tools, and techniques that are used in the field.

The discussions on r/CrimeScene cover a wide range of topics but are for the most part NSFW.

This is because the community rules state that two or more crime scene images need to be attached to their post.

In addition to discussing the technical aspects of crime scene investigation, r/CrimeScene also serves as a hub for sharing news and updates about real-life crime cases.

You’ll find discussions about ongoing investigations, as well as detailed analyses of high-profile cases from the past.

If you’re fascinated by the world of forensic science, r/CrimeScene is the perfect place to learn and connect with others.

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Crime Reddit

8. r/Crime

  • Members: 57.2K
  • Created: 13th March 2008

r/Crime contains an incredible variety of content related to crime.

For example, you can find posts that feature police investigations, unsolved mysteries, criminal justice reform, true crime stories, and much more.

It’s not just limited to stories either.

There are also discussions on the legal system and its flaws as well as debates over controversial topics such as capital punishment and plea bargaining.

In short, this subreddit covers a wide range of topics related to crime – allowing members to learn more about how our justice system works in practice.

One of the main reasons why r/Crime is so popular is because it provides a unique window into the world of crime in a broad sense.

The subreddit features content from both everyday people who have experienced or witnessed crimes firsthand as well as professionals.

This allows members to get an up-close look at how criminal activity works in real life, helping them gain valuable insight into some of the most complex issues facing our society today.

With its diverse selection of content and engaging discussions between members from all walks of life, this subreddit offers something for everyone.

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Crime Documentaries Reddit

9. r/Crime_Documentaries

  • Members: 26.7K
  • Created: 1st July 2016

If you’re a fan of true crime documentaries, then you’ll most likely want to check out the popular subreddit r/Crime_Documentaries.

This subreddit is a place for users to share and discuss their favorite true crime shows, as well as discover new ones to add to their watchlist.

The majority of the documentaries posted are free YouTube videos.

As an added bonus, if you have any questions about the genre or want advice on which film to watch next, r/Crime_Documentaries can be an invaluable resource.

The subreddit isn’t as active as some of the other true crime Reddit communities listed above, but it’s still worth joining to see what all the fuss is about.

I’ve personally found the members to be quite friendly and insightful.

True crime documentaries are fascinating pieces of art that capture real-life stories and criminals in amazing detail.

If you’re looking for more information on them or want to discuss your favorite ones with others, then Reddit’s r/Crime_Documentaries is definitely worth checking out!

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Cold Cases Reddit

10. r/ColdCases

  • Members: 26.4K
  • Created: 16th November 2012

Have you ever been fascinated by a true crime cold case?

The mystery, the intrigue, and the “what ifs” can keep us up at night.

Reddit’s subreddit r/ColdCases is the perfect place to explore these mysteries.

With over 25K members and growing, this subreddit provides a great place to discuss unsolved cases from all around the world.

The community has two primary flairs to filter by.

The first one is “Theories” where members can post their opinion about unsolved cases.

This flair allows for more general conversations about unsolved crimes.

The second one is “Cold Case” which focuses more on presenting evidence on specific unresolved cases.

The moderators encourage members to bring attention to forgotten and overlooked cold cases.

This includes sharing links to articles, podcasts, documentaries, and other resources related to their topic of discussion.

Whether you’re looking for answers or just looking for some good conversation, r/ColdCases has something for everyone!

So, take some time today to check out what this intriguing subreddit has to offer!

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