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Looking for some true crime on YouTube to binge? Check out the 16 best true crime YouTube channels that you should be subscribed to.

Unlike Netflix, YouTube is free!

The platform has plenty of true crime YouTubers to choose from who publish new videos regularly.

The YouTube true crime channels listed below deliver content on unsolved mysteries, historical cases, law, psychology, news, and more.

Law&Crime Network YouTube Channel

1. Law&Crime Network

  • Uploads: 17,597
  • Subscribers: 5.38M
  • Video Views: 3,248,437,695
  • Country: US
  • Created: 29th August 2015

The Law&Crime Network has built quite a name for itself, partially because of the sheer amount of content available on its channel.

Each video provides just as much value as the last, even though there is such a wide selection.

This channel was founded by Dan Abrams.

He’s best known as a top legal commentator and lawyer who focuses a lot on the legal proceedings portion of true crime.

He also has his own podcast called The Dan Abrams Podcast.

Law&Crime Network gives the viewer a lot of insight into the situations by providing commentary from lawyers and journalists in some of their videos.

That trait makes the Law&Crime Network perfect for true crime junkies that want to follow the story through to justice being served instead of just hearing about the crime.

Popular Law&Crime Network YouTube Video:

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Bailey Sarian YouTube Channel

2. Bailey Sarian

  • Uploads: 578
  • Subscribers: 7.13M
  • Video Views: 1,082,559,169
  • Country: US
  • Created: 23rd January 2013

Bailey Sarian is one of the top true crime YouTubers on the platform.

She also stars in her own true crime podcast called Murder, Mystery & Makeup.

In her videos, she delivers content in a very unique that has actually inspired a number of other creators on the platform.

She discusses a true crime event but also does her makeup at the same time!

This approach may seem unorthodox, but it’s a format that many people have grown to enjoy.

She even has an Amazon page that includes all her beauty product recommendations.

Her natural storytelling ability really shines through when you watch one of her videos.

She never skips important details, so you get a full picture of what happened.

This is what makes her one of the best true crime channels on YouTube.

Her videos are ideal for true crime fans who prefer a more story-driven feel, and who want to feel immersed in the words they’re hearing.

Plus, her videos have the added bonus of featuring some seriously cool makeup looks. So they’re even better if you have a passion for makeup, or want to learn more about it.

Popular Bailey Sarian YouTube Video:

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True Crime Daily YouTube Channel

3. True Crime Daily

  • Uploads: 4,314
  • Subscribers: 5.27M
  • Video Views: 2,731,266,260
  • Country: US
  • Created: 12th July 2014

On the True Crime Daily channel you can expect to find videos that honestly feel more like full-fledged documentaries.

Similar to the other YouTube channels on this list, they also boast their own podcast called True Crime Daily The Podcast.

It was nominated for the People’s Choice Podcast Awards 2022.

Each video on True Crime Daily’s channel truly goes into a deep dive and leaves no stone unturned in the story.

Every detail is covered, and you know by the end of the video that you’ve learned everything there is to know about that case.

They cover a range of different crimes on this channel, giving attention to smaller petty crimes but also to the larger and more disturbing ones.

Furthermore, they look into cases from the past as well as the present.

So if you enjoy more historical cases from a time gone by, then you can get your fix on this channel.

True crime buffs who enjoy knowing all the details about a case will love this channel.

True Crime Daily also shows footage of the crimes committed and pictures and videos of the convicts if they’re available.

So if you like to see the story play out in real time then this might be the place for you!

Popular True Crime Daily YouTube Video:

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network YouTube Channel

4. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

  • Uploads: 697
  • Subscribers: 5.39M
  • Video Views: 1,952,759,849
  • Country: US
  • Created: 15th May 2018

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network’s Youtube channel was initially created to be a place to put the episodes of the BuzzFeed Unsolved: True Crime show starring Ryan Bergara & Shane Madej.

Unfortunately, it stopped airing in 2021 and the famous duo moved on and created their own YouTube channel called Watcher.

But some of the old content is still up, and the channel still posts new true crime content, it’s just from various other creators instead of the original duo.

You can expect to find a variety of mysterious stories on this channel, some of which are true crime and some of which stray a bit into the supernatural.

Either way, it’s riveting content and if you’ve never watched BuzzFeed Unsolved before then you’ll have plenty to catch up on.

The unsolved nature of the stories discussed might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like a good mystery and enjoy trying to analyze what went down then you’ll definitely love this format.

Popular BuzzFeed Unsolved Network YouTube Video:

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Eleanor Neale YouTube Channel

5. Eleanor Neale

  • Uploads: 252
  • Subscribers: 2.6M
  • Video Views: 452,932,926
  • Country: UK
  • Created: 28th March 2016

Eleanor Neale is a young content creator with a passion for true crime and psychology.

She also boasts her own line of true crime merch.

Because she’s studied psychology so extensively, Neale is able to give a unique perspective on the thought processes behind the criminals she talks about.

Each piece is obviously well-researched, so you know you’re getting accurate information from the channel.

And like so many other great true crime channels, the details she’s able to provide in her classic, long-form videos make for a complete feel to the experience.

Eleanor Neale’s content is the dream for fans of true crime who like to think about the motive behind the world’s worst crimes and what the criminals were thinking.

But even if you aren’t interested in the psychology of it all, most people will find enjoyment in listening to Neale discuss true crime because of her passion for it.

Popular Eleanor Neale YouTube Video:

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BOZE vs the WORLD YouTube Channel

6. BOZE vs. the WORLD

  • Uploads: 252
  • Subscribers: 1.01M
  • Video Views: 193,899,175
  • Country: US
  • Created: 31st January 2015

BOZE vs. the WORLD is a channel that has a totally different feeling than other true crime channels.

Most true crime videos turn out serious, dark, and heavy. Oftentimes leaving us with a feeling of sadness and unease.

This channel stands out, because the host, BOZE, makes sure to bring a lighthearted feel to her content.

Don’t mistake this for her being disrespectful or not understanding the severity of the topics she discusses, but she does crack jokes at the criminal’s expense.

This provides a little bit of much-needed emotional relief when you’re talking about such dark stories. And this is something that not many other true crime channels pull off.

This true crime content is a great option for people who can’t usually stomach such depressing stories, but still want the experience of listening to a true crime story.

Popular BOZE vs. the WORLD YouTube Video:

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Kendall Rae YouTube Channel

7. Kendall Rae

  • Uploads: 911
  • Subscribers: 3.66M
  • Video Views: 663,437,197
  • Country: US
  • Created: 2nd August 2012

Kendall Rae is another popular true crime channel.

She is known for bringing awareness to smaller and lesser-known crimes so that there’s more of a chance the unsolved ones might someday have a breakthrough.

She takes her job very seriously and launches into her own small-scale investigations on occasion.

But this doesn’t mean she neglects talking about the larger crimes.

On her channel, she tends to talk about a variety of different true crime stories and even strays from the true crime genre every once in a while.

This means there are plenty of interesting videos to choose from there.

So Kendall Rae is a fantastic choice for people who value someone truly loving what they do, since she loves true crime and advocating for victims of it.

If you can’t get enough of Kendall Rae, you should check out the podcast she does with her cousin called The Sesh.

Popular Kendall Rae YouTube Video:

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Bella Fiori YouTube Channel

8. Bella Fiori

  • Uploads: 450
  • Subscribers: 2.58M
  • Video Views: 283,164,822
  • Country: AU
  • Created: 2nd March 2015

Bella Fiori’s YouTube channel features a mix of different topics, but predominantly she posts about true crime. And she’s great at it, making it to the top of the list of many people’s favorite true crime content creators with her upbeat demeanor and well-told stories.

She likes to dive into mysteries on her channel, so you’ll notice a lot of unsolved cases there.

She definitely lets the viewer draw their own conclusions about the mystery, simply stating facts but remaining mostly impartial.

So if you’re a true crime fan that loves playing detective and trying to figure out who-dunnit, then most of the Bella Fiori channel’s content might be perfect for you!

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True Crime Recaps YouTube Channel

9. True Crime Recaps

  • Uploads: 522
  • Subscribers: 450K
  • Video Views: 59,198,377
  • Country: US
  • Created: 9th April 2019

True Crime Recaps is a channel that posts shorter-form true crime videos than you normally see.

They typically range from about 10 to 30 minutes, whereas a lot of true crime channels post longer-form videos that almost always stretch past the hour mark or at least get close to it.

The duo that host these videos do a good job of giving you a synopsis of the crime stories, and infuse a lot of their own personality into the content as well.

This can be really refreshing for a lot of viewers and is why we’ve included them on this best true crime YouTubers list.

This channel is probably an ideal one for true crime junkies with a short attention span, or not enough time on their hands to sit through longer videos.

Or if you like to binge true crime, it’s a lot easier to pack these recaps in.

Popular True Crime Recaps YouTube Video:

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Criminally Listed YouTube Channel

10. Criminally Listed

  • Uploads: 540
  • Subscribers: 912K
  • Video Views: 232,832,167
  • Country: CA
  • Created: 4th September 2016

Criminally Listed is a YouTube channel that has multiple benefits, not only do they cover a variety of true crime stories but they also do so in shorter videos that everyone can find time for.

Additionally, these videos often focus on raising awareness for unsolved crimes.

Most true crime fans will be able to find something about the Criminally Listed videos that they like, and each one is packed with information despite their shorter lengths.

There’s plenty to choose from, the library of videos from this channel is large to say the least.

So if you like cold cases, short videos, or true crime in general, then you’ll probably enjoy what Criminally Listed has to offer.

Popular Criminally Listed YouTube Video:

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Stephanie Harlowe YouTube Channel

11. Stephanie Harlowe

  • Uploads: 522
  • Subscribers: 860K
  • Video Views: 170,604,068
  • Country: US
  • Created: 29th March 2018

Stephanie Harlowe is a popular true crime YouTuber who is known for her in-depth research and engaging storytelling style.

Similar to other creators on this list, Stephanie also has a podcast called Crime Weekly, which she co-hosts with retired police detective Derrick Levasseur.

In her videos, she often covers cases that have not been widely reported on, and she brings a fresh perspective to well-known cases.

Harlowe’s channel hasn’t always been about true crime. In the past, she has posted videos about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Nowadays though, Harlowe’s channel is a popular destination for people who are interested in long-form true crime.

Some of her most popular videos cover autopsies, mysteries, cold cases, and murder.

Harlowe often interviews people who were involved in the cases she covers, and she reads through transcripts of the court documents.

As a gifted storyteller, she is able to take complex cases and make them easy to understand. She also uses humor and suspense to keep her viewers engaged.

She’s also not afraid to cover cases that other true crime YouTubers don’t report on.

If you are interested in true crime then I recommend checking out Stephanie Harlowe’s YouTube channel. She is a very talented true crime YouTuber.

Popular Stephanie Harlowe YouTube Video:

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Danielle Kirsty YouTube Channel

12. Danielle Kirsty

  • Uploads: 124
  • Subscribers: 879K
  • Video Views: 142,973,719
  • Country: GB
  • Created: 23rd September 2014

Danielle Kirsty is a passionate beauty and true crime YouTuber based in the UK.

Her videos typically feature makeup tutorials, product reviews, and true crime stories.

She covers a wide range of cases on her channel, from con men, kidnappers, cults, and of course serial killers.

Danielle has a great sense of humor and her videos always make you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend.

Subscribers have described her as “very down-to-earth” and “doesn’t take herself too seriously” which is important when most of her videos are upwards of an hour.

She is well-known on the platform for doing extensive research and presenting the facts accurately for each one of the cases she covers.

If you’re looking for a new YouTuber to watch and enjoy a mix of true crime and makeup tutorials, then I highly recommend checking out Danielle Kirsty.

Popular Danielle Kirsty YouTube Video:

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EWU Crime Storytime YouTube Channel

13. EWU Crime Storytime

  • Uploads: 59
  • Subscribers: 798K
  • Video Views: 120,120,099
  • Country: US
  • Created: 9th September 2021

EWU Crime Storytime is a YouTube channel based out of the US, voiced by an anonymous man who tells detailed true crime stories.

He tends to focus on missing people, killers, and murders.

Each story is treated respectfully and is purposely done to raise awareness and help others learn about these true crimes.

The videos are usually long form and range from half an hour all the way up to an hour.

They are presented in a documentary style, with lots of bodycam audio laid over real case photos and actual police video.

It’s clear that the cases are well-researched by the numerous citations throughout the videos.

The narrators voice is authoritative, calm, and easy to listen to.

EWU Crime Storytime owns a few other YouTube channels that you might be interested in that include Explore With Us, EWU Crime Vault, and EWU Unsolved.

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The Casual Criminalist YouTube Channel

14. The Casual Criminalist

  • Uploads: 335
  • Subscribers: 523K
  • Video Views: 81,752,070
  • Country: CZ
  • Created: 11th August 2020

The Casual Criminalist is a true crime YouTube channel created by UK-born media personality, Simon Whistler.

While he mainly focuses on unsolved mysteries and lesser-known cases, it’s not uncommon for him to feature some infamous cases from throughout history.

This includes OJ Simpson, John Wayne Gacy, and the Golden State Killer.

In his spare time, Whistler runs a dozen or so other successful YouTube channels and also hosts two podcasts.

Whistler’s videos are known for their casual and informative style, as the channel name would suggest.

He presents the facts in a clear and concise way and often uses humor to keep his audience engaged.

Furthermore, he does a great job of balancing out the gruesome details of some cases by telling the stories of the victims and their families.

The Casual Criminalist is the perfect channel to watch if you’re looking for a male presenter that does things a little differently.

Popular Casual Criminalist YouTube Video:

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Murder With My Husband YouTube Channel

15. Murder With My Husband

  • Uploads: 385
  • Subscribers: 327K
  • Video Views: 36,302,663
  • Country: US
  • Created: 2nd October 2020

Payton and Garrett are the hosts of the YouTube channel Murder With My Husband.

The type of true crime they tend to focus on includes missing persons and unsolved mysteries.

The channel features a mix of long-form and shorter, more episodic videos. So there’s something for everyone.

As you may have guessed by the channel name, the hook of this duo is that the wife loves true crime and her husband Garrett hates it.

In addition to their YouTube videos, Payton and Garrett also host a podcast called Murder With My Husband.

The podcast is very popular, boasting thousands of positive reviews online.

Payton and Garrett are both talented storytellers, and they have a knack for making complex cases understandable and engaging.

They are also committed to providing their viewers with a respectful and informative platform to discuss true crime.

Popular Murder With My Husband YouTube Video:

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A Wicked World YouTube Channel

16. A Wicked World

  • Uploads: 67
  • Subscribers: 13.9K
  • Video Views: 1,060,484
  • Country: US
  • Created: 25th May 2023

A Wicked World is a fresh new true crime YouTube channel hosted by Cassie.

Based in the US, she covers various true crimes from around the world.

In particular, she focuses on child abuse, with new videos being released weekly.

The purpose of her videos is to shine a light on the crimes and raise awareness, with the goal of helping people identify the warning signs before it’s too late.

As you’d expect from any good true crime YouTuber, Cassie talks about the offender but also the victims, in great detail.

Having first-hand experience as a family member of a murder victim, Cassie has the ability to be empathetic and relate significantly on a personal level with the stories she tells.

Each video runs roughly 20-30 minutes and features related audio, imagery, and video that gives additional context and makes for a seamless watching experience.

If you prefer shorter-form content, she also has a TikTok channel that features bite-sized episodes.

You can really tell how passionate Cassie is from watching just a few videos.

Her voice is easy to listen to and her tone is professional.

If you’d like to access exclusive videos each month, check out her Patreon.

Popular A Wicked World YouTube Video:

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  • Tawni says:

    How in the world do you not have Explore with Us and their sub channel EWU Crime Storytime? EWU Crime Story Time has a team of professionals (detectives, lawyers, psychologists, etc) that analyze the content from all different angles and they are the best channels I’ve ever come across. Explore with Us started out as a father daughter team that would investigate unsolved disappearances and murders etc but they’ve moved on to True Crime documentaries. The insight they provide to why criminals do what they do, and how to tell when people are being dishonest in interrogation . You should really give them a mention.

  • Sarah says:

    Last Chapter! My absolute favorite true crime channel. The host is actually really funny.

    • Melrose Plant says:

      If you believe stories of the brutal murders of innocent victims is something to laugh about, then “That Chapter” is right for you. If you are someone who feels the victims’ stories should be told in a respectful manner, you would find Mike Oh’s lighthearted and whimsical presentation style to be offensive.

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